Videotel & IMEC

There has been a lot said about the new Maritime Labour Convention 2006 although there is still a great deal of confusion over individual responsibility within the industry.

Videotel and IMEC joined forces on the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 project to create a training package of DVD with presentation and support booklets, training course and this website, to help overcome this confusion in an informative and interesting way. 

This flexible package approach means that users can choose the best method of training to suit their needs to learn about the Convention and how it affects them. 
The DVD and training course introduces the subject and gives guidance on what it means to various groupings within the industry, helping to understand how to comply with the Convention.
This website assures that information is always current and informs events and developments relevant to the Convention, as well as providing a electronic great resource to the Convention itself. It also invites the opportunity for users to participate by commenting in the News & Views section. We hope you enjoy.
Please contact us with any thoughts on the matter.

Videotel Academy Tutor Led Course

A course for shipping company managers, ships’ Masters, manning agents, and employees of Member states - port State control inspectors and officials of flag States and labour supply countries.

The course provides:


  • Real time virtual classroom tutorial
  • Tutor support throughout
  • Detailed understanding of the Convention for the user
  •  Guidance on compliance for the user’s organisation or ship
  • Current compliance status
  • Action plan

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DVD Programme

A short training programme for small groups of shipping company managers, seafarers, manning agents, port State control inspectors and officials of flag States and labour supply countries.
The programme provides an outline of the Convention and an opportunity to discuss what it might mean for users’ organisations.

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